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One can easily travel to Croatia by car, plane or ferry.

By car

Croatia has a new and expanding network of motorways connecting western, northern and north-eastern Croatian borders with Zagreb and towns on Adriatic coast.

If you are coming to Croatia with your own car ensure that you bring a valid driving licence, car ownership document and green card for your insurance. You may be asked to produce these at the Croatian border.

Tolls are payable on many Croatian motorways and on some bridges. Information regarding road tolls can be found on the website of the Croatian Motoring Organisation ( Hrvatski Auto Klub) at

Please note Croatia drives on the right side.
The use of seat belts is mandatory.
Use of mobile phones whilst driving is an offence.
No alcohol at all is permitted in the blood when driving.
Dipped headlights must be on at all times when driving.

Speed limits:

  • Residential areas: 50 km/h
  • In town non-residential: 90 km/h
  • Roads for motor vehicles only: 110 km/h
  • Motorways: 130 km/h

Petrol stations are open from 7 am - 8 pm.
LIn summer they are mostly open until 10 p.m.
A limited number operate 24 hours including nearly all motorway service stations.

Technical help and additional information about conditions on Croatian roads is available from Hrvatski Auto Club (HAK): tel (01) 4640 800 and (01) 4554 433 or

Car Rental

There are over 60 rental car operators in Croatia including nearly all the large European and World-wide operators which have offices in all of the larger Croatian towns.

To rent a vehicle in Croatia the driver must be 23 years of age and hold a valid driving licence.

By coach

Croatia is well connected by scheduled international coach services with Slovenia, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovak Republic and other European countries. Well organized wide net of domestic coach routes allow travellers to reach Croatia, Zagreb and other tourist destination very easy.

Coach time table information:

  • Domestic coach time table: 060 313 333
  • International coach time table: +385 1 6157 938 or

By train

Croatia is connected directly by rail with Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Hungary , Slovenia , Serbia and Montenegro and Switzerland. With other European country Croatia is connected indirectly.

All information about rail service you can find on or on following telephone numbers:

  • Domestic service: 060 333 444
  • International service: +385 1 4573 283

By plane

High quality and safe commercial and small aircraft airports along the Adriatic coast offer their services to numerous European and international airlines, as well as for private airplanes.

International Airports in Croatia:

  • Zagreb (01) 6265 222, 4562 222;
  • Split (021) 203 555, 203 171;
  • Dubrovnik (020) 773 377, 773 333;
  • Osijek (031) 514 400, 514 440, 514 451, 060 339 339;
  • Zadar (023) 205 800, 313 311;
  • Rijeka (051) 842 132, 842 055;
  • Pula (052) 530 105;

Airports open during summer season only:

Sports airports in Croatia are situated in: Zagreb, Čakovec, Slavonski Brod, Rijka, Vrsar, Mali Lošinj, Sinj, Otočac, Čepin, Ivanić Grad, Koprivnica, Braču, Pul i Varaždin.

Croatia Airlines, the Croatian national airline company, connects Croatia with numerous European cities. All information about Croatia Airlines flights is available at or by phone at +385 1 4819 633 and +385 800 7777.

By sea

Croatia is a maritime country. Towns along the coast are connected by ships and ferries. As many as 67 inhabited islands have ferry or ship lines to the coast. Ferry and ship connections are increased during the Summer months.

Local ferry service link coast with following islands: Cres, Lošinj, Pag, Rab, Ugljan, Pašman, Dugi otok, Iž, Rava, Olib, Silba, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Brač, Šolta, Hvar, Vis, Pelješac, Korčula, Lastovo i Mljet.

All information about domestic and international ferry and ship services you can find on:

How to reach Radalj?


  • From Klek: 500 m
  • From Metković: 25 km
  • From Dubrovnik: 60 km
  • From Split: 120 km
  • From Međugorje: 45 km

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